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To date, the Swiss Button Club has presented itself to the public six times, with such great success that the exhibitions were extended by months in the 1990s!

2010 Swissexpo, Zurich; buyers' fair for wool and handicrafts
1998/ 99 Zollikon Local Museum; "Open-minded - Buttoned-up"
1992 Galerie zur Hofstatt, Gipf Obertrick; "Masterpieces from the button box"
1991 Museum Neuhaus, Biel; "Button-Fascination-Bouton"
1987 Muba, Basel
1985 Züspa halls in Zurich

Exhibitions of the members
Further exhibitions were organised by individual members with great success:

Year Location Exhibitor
2014 Ilanz Monastery (CH) Barbara Hugentobler-Rudolf
2014 Bad Lobenstein (D) Friederike Köstner
2013 Méru (F) Gilles Osvald
2013 Ciliverghe de Mazzano (I) Franco Jacassi
2012 Briare (F) Gilles Osvald
2012 Gössnitz (D) Monika Schakaleski
2012 Schmölln (D) Klaus Köstner and daughter
2012 Marienberg (D) Friederike Köstner
2011 Schmölln (D) Monika Schakaleski
2010 Vienna (A) Hubert Borger
2010 Kopfing (A) Monika Weis
2010 Ahorn (D) Friederike Köstner
2010 Paris (F) Loic Allio
2009 Mellingen (CH) Hilde Natter
2009 Frensdorf (D) Friederike Köstner
2008 Nordhalben (D) Friederike Köstner
2008 Leonberg (D) Friederike Köstner
2007 Montélimar (F) Loic Allio
2003 Milan (I) Franco Jacassi
2003 Rottweil (D) Klaus Böhm
2002 Baden Frankenhausen (D) Hans Hochrein
2001 Knopfmuseum Warthausen Alice Rukin
1998 La Chaux-de-Fonds (CH) L. and V. Voumard
1996 Travelling exhibition Klaus Böhm
1996 Burgdorf (CH) Heidi Haupt
1995 Grosssleghards (A) Monika Weis
1995 Waldenbuch (D) Edith and Marcel Hermann
1994 Bad Frankenhausen (D) Edith and Marcel Hermann
1993 Olten (CH) Heidi Haupt
1993 Near Reutlingen (D) Klaus Böhm
1993 Ried (A) Monika Weis
1992 Bad Frankenhausen (D) Edith and Marcel Hermann
1990 Museum Bärnau (D) Edith and Marcel Hermann
1989 Museum Bärnau (D) Edith and Marcel Hermann
1988 Museum Bärnau (D) Edith and Marcel Hermann
1987 Museum Bärnau (D) Edith and Marcel Hermann
1985 Züspa-Hallen Zurich (CH) H. Natter and M.L. Daeniker

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