About me

My vocation

Hello, my name is Sabina Suter-Loretz and I am Driving instructor with heart and soul with a federal certificate of proficiency.

This passion was certainly passed on to me by my father (a driving instructor in Chur for over 43 years).
From an early age, I was able to explore the driving profession and grow to love it.

After primary and secondary school, I decided to become a businesswoman as my initial training.

After various additional training courses in marketing, the perfect time had come for me to take the step into driving instructor training. Which I completed successfully.

Apart from being a driving instructor, I am married and a mother, so I also help to keep everything on track at home.

Chronicle of the trainings

  • May 2023 Further training in communication, 2-day course
  • April 2023 Further training with practical day "Driving with a trailer cat. BE"
  • October 2022 Continuing education course "Challenging the Emotional Boundary
  • October 2022 Continuing education course "Strong on the Road
  • June 2021 Advanced training course "Fit for driving - health, nutrition and stress in relation to driving ability".
  • May 2021 Further training course "Communication
  • December 2020 Further training course "Dealing with stress
  • February 2020 Driver Training Course "Safe Driving on Snow and Ice
  • April 2019 Further training with practical part "Driving with a trailer cat. BE"
  • 2016 - 2017 SVEB Certificate
  • March 2016 Elected Vice President of the Schwyz Driving Instructors Association
  • January 2016 Advanced training course "Intervening from the passenger seat in emergency situations (including on snow)".
  • August 2015 Further training course "Overload/Underload, Stress Management, Relaxation Techniques".
  • March 2015 Joining the Board of the Schwyz Driving Instructors Association
  • January 2015 Continuing education course "Intervening in emergency situations
  • November 2013 Advanced training course "Examination success and new driver accidents from the police perspective".
  • March 2013 Further training on the topic of "Psychology of Learning and Examination Anxiety
  • Dec. 2012 Training day "Safe driving on snow and ice"
  • 2012 Foundation of the company "SSL Sabina Suter-Loretz Driving School
  • 2010 - 2012 Training as a driving instructor with federal certificate at the Fai in Zurich
  • 2010 Event Marketing Compact Course at SAWI in Zurich
  • 2008 Certified Event Attendant at LIVE experiences gmbh in St.Gallen
  • 2008 - 2009 Marketing specialist course at the Marketing and Management School in Sargans
  • 2003 - 2006 Training to become a Swiss certified businesswoman profile E in Chur

Born on 14 June in the Grisons Oberland

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