The road to the driving licence

Are there any uncertainties or specific questions? I will be happy to help you in a private lesson "Theory" more.

With your learner's permit you can now in Switzerland ride with an accompanying person who is at least three years is in possession of the driving licence, the 23 years of age or older and has her driving licence no longer has a probationary period.

! You must have the white learner's permit with you at every driving lesson or private practice drive.

I teach you with a lot of patience, expertise and of course fun. You can take the driving lesson with me in German or English.

The traffic knowledge course, VKU for short, must be from The test must be taken before registration. But not before the first driving lesson.

So you can already start the practical driving lessons and then do the VKU.

Now you are allowed to drive with a probationary driving licence. This probationary period lasts 3 years if you have no complaints. But don't forget step 8!

You can take the compulsory further education course (WAB) here in the vicinity, e.g. in Tuggen complete.

This course day MUST be attended within 12 months.

If you have completed the WAB course (step 8) and your 3-year probationary period is over, you now have a permanent driving licence.

I congratulate you and wish you a safe and enjoyable journey.

You can find the way to the driver's licence for other categories in here

If you live outside the canton of Schwyz, you must apply for your learner's permit at your canton of residence.

Weekly residents register in the canton of their main residence.

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